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Mission Statement

In the past several years, women's rights have been completely disregarded, especially with the overturn of Roe v Wade. I am sick and tired of hearing the phrase, "she was asking for it," so I wanted to show a reversal in which he was asking for it while using my culture as inspiration.

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Kalika teaches a group of women self defense. She then finishes her day at work by ending with her typical routine of organizing and praying before heading to the subway station. On her way out of the subway, she sees a woman being sexually harassed by 4 men. She helps the other woman get away, then is taken to a black van by said men. She is able to get out of the van, seemingly unharmed. The next day, 4 bodies are found headless in the van. Kalika is at home watching the news report on the crime— her crime. She cleans the skulls— their skulls— and puts them on a garland with many more skulls, counting up to 48. She gets ready and leaves for work with a renewed sense of justice.









Mahakali is about Kalika, a successful pediatric surgeon, trying to clean up the dirt of the world on her own.

Originally a short film that was born out of anger from the inequality between the different genders, Mahakali shows the less peaceful side of Hinduism and women.

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