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Film Indications

There's something about an Indian female protagonist that makes my heart flutter. This movie really checks off all my boxes from talking about real issues in India to portraying a woman who can and will mess you up if you mess with her first. Everything that Sridevi does is done with such excellency, and objects are planted in the scene so well— I can't even talk about the things I love about this movie without spoiling it! The casting choice was superb, and I literally live by everything that this movie is about. I highly recommend watching Mom if you want to step away from the stereotypical Indian film story arc and want to observe a part in Indian culture that is usually kept silent. This movie is a step in the right direction in Indian cinema, but I will say that this movie is not for the light-hearted— it gets super dark, but it's a movie I think everyone should watch.

Ludo is everything I aspire to create. The movie consists of four (more like five) different plot lines that all conspire together at some point in time, and it displays the dynamics of different kinds of relationships. I've always been a fan of Abhishek Bachchan, and I love the role he took on in this movie— his character in this film reminds me of a older version of his character in Yuva, a "follow up" I never knew I needed. The full circle in the film makes me all jittery— I love a good full circle. This film really got me through the second half of the pandemic, and I was worried that post production would have halted due to the pandemic, which makes me super grateful to the post production team for really making my pandemic life worthwhile.

Here's the thing with Ittefaq: it does not feel like a Bollywood movie. Yes, most of the movie is in Hindi, but, there are absolutely no musical numbers, it's not three hours long, and it only focuses on the mystery. There are barely any characters, it takes place over three days, and is super simple. I've never seen such a simple Bollywood movie, and I absolutely love it. I'm already a huge fan of murder mysteries, and I'm so happy that this remake came out during my lifetime. I really can't say much more about this movie without accidentally spoiling it, but all I will say is that this movie should definitely not be your first Bollywood movie, however, you should definitely watch it for the story and for the cinematography.

Ala Vaiunthapurramuloo is everything I want out of a Telugu movie and more. There is just something about Trivikram's stories that I absolutely love

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