Veda Keda

My name is Veda Keda— yes, it rhymes— and I am an author, director, photographer, and screenwriter. I am known for primarily working with people of color and women for all of my projects.

I take pride in my culture and diversity, and I use my knowledge to guide my projects. I don't like to follow the norms that most movies tend to follow because I create things to tell stories that are important to me. Anything I've ever worked on has always been inclusive, diverse, and equal because that is what I envision the future to be like.

When working with actors and models, I never tell them what I'm looking for because I want everything they produce to be authentic to whom they think the character is. Film and photography are such collaborative fields, and I love working with other people to produce fine pieces of art.

At the moment, I have published five books, I have a short film in post production, I have two feature length films in pre-production, I'm working on a pilot for a tv show, and I'm working on two different photography projects. While it may seem like I have a lot on my plate, these are the things I live for, and my current motivations. I am more than willing to invite other projects that inspire me to my work load.

I am very passionate about my work, and I'm always looking to experiment. I love going out of my comfort zone and getting the best experience possible, regardless of whether it is a photoshoot, a movie, or even a book. Reach out to me today to discuss what kinds of services fit your needs best.